DIY Projects for the Family


Building Homes for Birds

One of the basic DIY projects parents and grandparents have done with their children is building homes for birds, and it continues to be a popular way to introduce children to using tools today. There are several different skills it teaches, and it also provides a shared way to invite nature into the family’s yard. Combined with all these factors is the pleasure it gives both parties to build their own homes. It is a way to share skills, but it is also a path towards becoming proficient in learning how to create instead of buy what is needed for the family home.

The majority of bird houses are built out of wood, so learning the skills measuring and sawing are two skills the child will learn. The roof is often at a pitched at a steep angle, and teaching a child how to match the two sides up is yet another skill. Once the components have been cut to the correct lengths, the home must then be assembled. Teaching a child how to nail the pieces together will require them to properly use a hammer, and they will then be ready to apply their painting skills to the finished product.