DIY Projects for the Family


Maintaining a Project Budget

There are many times when families have a restricted budget as they save for future events such as college or a larger home, so creating a luxury like a new deck might be far beyond their current expenses. If one or both of the parents have the skills to build their own deck, making it into a DYI project for the entire family can be an opportunity for everyone. The parents will be able to build what they want, and their children will learn a host of new skills.

Building a deck might seem like an easy project, but there are many facets that require advanced knowledge. Selecting the area is important because the ground must be able to support the weight of it, so parents can teach their children about the concepts of structural support. Pouring the footings for the deck is just as important as knowing how to place a support system, and this phase of the project is another way to teach children. They will learn how to mix aggregates and concrete, and they may also learn how to build forms.

Placing the top of the deck is not an easy matter, and it requires a great deal of measuring before any boards are nailed in place. Children who are old enough to have learned the concepts behind measurements will be given an opportunity to gain practical knowledge, but they will need their parents to help them. Just being involved in the measuring will show youngsters its value, and they will then be able to apply it to their own studies.

With any outside wood project, finishing is an important step. Educating children on the need to weatherproof wood and how to select the proper product is a good way to teach them how to research. There are many different products available today, but the selection depends upon a group of factors. Cost is generally an important issue, but the length of time the product will be useful should also be considered. Parents who want their children involved in this phase of their project will generally have to assist them, but it will be a good lesson for both parents and children.