DIY Projects for the Family


Painting the Floor

Carpets can be difficult to maintain in a house with children, but changing out the flooring could be an expensive prospect. Some people may tear out their carpet to find there is wood flooring beneath, but it may not be a very pleasant sight. For those unable to purchase and install new wood flooring, there is another option. Painting the floor can give it new life without the expense of tearing it out and putting down new boards. It can also be a way to add a touch of decor to a room while having fun with the family.

Many older floors are safe and level, so replacing them could be about nothing more than their looks. Older boards may have worn spots, or they could have discolorations from liquids soaking through carpeting. It is often a major project to refinish a floor by stripping it down, sanding it, and then re-staining it. Painting avoids most of that, and it is an inexpensive option in many ways.

Cleaning the floor is the first step after the carpet, padding, and all tacks and staples have been removed. It should be done with an eye toward ensuring the paint will have a good foundation for adhering. After the floor has been prepared, getting out the brushes and selecting the paint colour is a fun step. Those who want a solid colour can easily use rollers on most of the floor. If a stencilled design is desired, that can be added once the first coat of paint has dried.

There is one additional step to painting a floor, and that is sealing it against future wear. A clear coat of polyurethane is generally a good choice. It goes on quickly, but it does have to dry completely before the floor can be used. This is a fun family project that should only take a few hours for years of enjoyment.